Concept for a revised iTunes app

The much awaited iTunes 11 was released last week and we were many that had high hopes for this new version, but I believe that a lot of people want to see a more slimmed and focused version of the iTunes application.

Do you remember the old iTunes where it's sole purpose was to take care of your music library in a great way and play your favourite songs? I would really like to have that back again.

My suggestion is as following:

  1. Make an application for music ONLY. Not this bloated one as it is now.
  2. Make the store(s) a separate app, e.g.
  3. Make a syncing application for all the syncing needs your iPad or iPhone have.

Let's look closer at point 1. only for music

Compare the handling of photos in your Mac. You don't do it iTunes, but in iPhoto. The only thing you do in iTunes regarding photos is simply choosing the albums/photos you want to sync with your iOS device. This should also be true for your music library. In that way iTunes gets to be the music player it once was.

Here's a modified version of the iTunes (It's the Swedish version.)

I have basically just removed the two top right buttons. But the gains of stripping of all the "bloated" (it's bloated if you only want a music player) code should be considerable.

Make the store(s) a separate app, e.g.

Why not have a universal (not in the universal Intel/PPC sense) application for all of the stores now residing in the current iTunes application?

In the above screenshot I've removed the Library button in the upper right corner and the huge LCD-like display in the top center section.

Make a sync app for all the syncing needs your iPad or iPhone have

I know that iSync is probably not the best name for such an application, considering the legacy of the now-dead syncing application in earlier versions of (Mac) OS X, so I will call it something like iHub for this discussion. iHub could focus completely on syncing and probably be a quite small application running in the background.


How should we manage books

One way would be to offer an app similar to (my new) iTunes or iPhoto. An application that focuses on books and where you can actually read your books on your Mac.

It's a mess to find and run all different apps just to listen, buy and sync media!

Well, that is probably true for some people, but there could be easy to find icons in the different applications that can open the other ones. The point of this post is to get more focused and efficient versions of the different tasks that we usually do with our iOS related media.

And there are probably more things I haven't thought of, but I want to start a discussion on how Apple can improve iTunes. You can find me on Twitter or on

(Well, English is not my native language, it's Swedish, so please forgive me for any bad or wrong spelling. I do hope and believe that you will understand my points in this post.)

by Stefan Laketa