Continuing the "mobile users on newspaper sites" rant

Today Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden's biggest newspapers, announced that they released a “new” mobile site,

Since my latest rant on Aftonbladet's mobile site, I thought that I should try the new As expected, the new site had almost the same problem as the mobile site of Aftonbladet: a giant ad covering the screen.

The only difference, and a small improvement, is that you can at least see the top menu.

What happens if I use a desktop browser?

I decided to go to the mobile version using an ordinary desktop web browser. Well, three actually. Safari, Google Chrome and IE 9 (yes, I also tested this on my work computer, which is running Windows) did show the exact same thing when going to no huge ad covering the window!

So either the ad display script is somewhat random and I was extremely lucky in my tests or they are checking if you are using a mobile browser, which shows the ads. I bet that they are doing the second option. So once again it seems that they don't care about mobile readers as much as other readers.

by Stefan Laketa