Moved my site to Ghost

I have finally moved to the Ghost platform after signing up for a VPS at Digital Ocean. If you're interested in creating a VPS there, feel free to use this referral link and you'll make me a little more happy. My site is still in an experimental state. At the moment I'm trying out a few of the available themes.

I hope that I will have time to create an own theme, but since I'm totally new when it comes to Handlebars that may take some time.

As a part of the move a lot of the old content has not been imported. There is a WordPress -> Ghost plugin available, which I used, but I also skipped a whole lot of my old posts. None of the "Linked lists" are imported and also some old reviews of apps that probably are not up-to-date anyway.

I hope you'll enjoy my new site and do check out Ghost!

by Stefan Laketa