My thoughts on the WWDC '14 keynote

Yesterday we saw the fruit of Tim Cook's comment two years ago that they will "double down on secrecy". Thanks to almost no proper rumours before the event led this to be the best keynote in years. Afterwards I was really excited and felt even more confident in the future of Apple.

Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite

So it's time to say goodbye to Lucida Grande and say hello to Helvetica as the typeface of the OS. I'm not sure this is the best move, but I haven't got time to install the 10.10 beta yet. It still waits on my external drive to be installed…

In Yosemite, Apple has worked hard to make the integration between Mac OS devices and iOS devices even tighter and work seamlessly. The introduction of Cloud Drive and Handoff are some really great features that will make even more people look for the Mac OS + iOS device combo when considering buying a new computer and/or mobile phone.

The new GUI also seems interesting, but the word "translucence" was mentioned for too many times for me to feel comfortable. But according to the demo it felt that it was a more toned-down version of the translucence crap fest in Windows Vista/7. I really hope that feeling is correct.

iOS 8

The focus seems to be, apart from the tighter Mac OS/iOS integration, to refine the rough edges of iOS 7. All in all a great update and that it still will support iPad 2 is incredible. My iPad 2, which my kids use to play games, will be able to use iOS 8 when it comes out!

Custom keyboards, more capable, Continuity, Cloud Drive and Family sharing are all great updates, but the real gamechanger is Extensibility. This is something that has been requested for several years and to finally have that in iOS 8 will change how a lot of the current apps are working. I really look forward to see how developers are going to change their apps to make use of the Extensibility feature.


Even though I really like Objective-C, the introduction of Swift feels very interesting and exciting. I have only had time to download the ebook and install the Xcode 6 beta, but I hope that I will find some time during the next few days to read the book and try Swift with the help of the new Playgrounds feature in Xcode 6.


All in all, this keynote should really make people confident that Apple still is at the top of their game!

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by Stefan Laketa