One solution for the shift key on iOS 7

People have been complaining about the shift key in iOS 7 and that it's hard to tell what state it's in: normal mode, shift mode or caps lock mode.

Look at these three screenshots of the keyboard:

Normal mode, lowercase letters

Shift key mode, first letter will be uppercase

Caps lock mode, uppercase letters

After reading this tweet, I decided to try to make a better version of the keyboard.

The first obvious thing I did was to look at the keyboard of my MacBook Pro (from 2011).

Notice how the caps lock key actually looks different from the shift key. Why hasn't that visual cue made it's way to iOS 7?

My suggestion can be seen in the following images:

The normal state is fine and doesn't require any modifications.

When the shift key is tapped, it should use the same tint colour as the app is using. In's case, blue.

When caps lock is selected, change the arrow icon so that it reflects the caps lock key on an ordinary keyboard.

I hope that Apple is doing something to address this issue in coming versions of iOS 7. I've read that some changes are present in the latest 7.1 beta, but I don't think a change of the icon is one of them.

If you have any comments, you can find me on Twitter and ADN.

by Stefan Laketa