The Podcast List of 2013/14

Since the office of Vildmarksdata, my employer, is approximately 75 km from home I tend to spend the time driving to/from work listening to a lot of podcasts. I'm also one of those who can listen to podcasts while coding… In this post I will go through all the podcasts I listen to and hope that you will find a new one to listen to in 2014.

Note: All podcasts are in alphabetical order.

In general I can say that shows produced by 5by5 and Mule Radio Syndicate all have great audio and are well-produced. It makes a great difference when driving a car if the audio is clear and easy to understand. (I drive with studded winter tires 7-8 months/year and they make a distinct noise when driving, so podcasts with bad audio have to wait until I'm at the office.)

To be able to listen to this many shows I use, for almost every show, the playback speed feature. Usually I set it to 1.5x, but I've started to use 2x for some shows that have good audio and where they talk clearly.

Podcast apps

But first let us start with the apps I use for listening. I mostly use my iPhone when listening, especially when I'm on the road or sitting in front of my work PC, but I also tend to use my Mac when I'm not at the office. To not bother keeping track of the subscriptions and playback positions, I decided to use Instacast for Mac and Instacast for iOS 7 by Vemedio.

They have worked great for me, even though I think the iOS version suffers from some sort of battery drain. I'm not totally sure the app is the culprit, but I get way better battery times when listening to music with the compared to listening to podcasts with Instacast. That said, I don't think it's a showstopper for me, since I only have a 1 hour drive (one-way) and it's not like the battery dies in one hour.

Developer/Tech podcasts

Accidental Tech Podcast

Two icons, Marco Arment and John Siracusa, and some other guy, Casey Liss ;), hosts one of the best shows in the tech/developer genre. I never skip an episode and it never feels like time wasted listening to this show. My podcast list is in alpabetical order, but this show would probably be in first place even if I did rank them.

Accidental Tech Podcast feed


If you're interested in Apple, Mac & iOS, this show is a mandatory one. Jim Dalrymple, known from his Apple news site The Loop, and Dan Benjamin hosts this weekly show. Jim, with his incredible knowledge of the Apple world, always has great comments about the news surrounding Apple and related products.

Amplified feed


This is (was?) Daniel Jalkut's own podcast show. He had great guests and managed to ask questions that didn't got asked on other shows that the guests appeared on. He made ten episodes in 2013 and it's not clear if he will make more episodes. The ten episodes are available on the website and are highly recommended.

Bitsplitting feed


A show where the host Myke Hurley talks with his guests about their projects and what inspires them. Interesting!

CMD+Space feed

Core Intuition

Daniel Jalkut's second show where he together with Manton Reece talks about indie software development (Mac/iOS focus). Interesting to hear them talk about their apps and the development process, but also give tips about what to think about for the different parts of an app's development cycle.

Core Intuition feed


Guy English and Rene Ritchie interview people about developing software and services. Great guests and clever hosts.

Debug feed

Developing Perspective

David Smith is an independent iOS developer and talks about the news in iOS development and related topics. Each episode is never longer than 15 minutes.

Developing Perspective feed

Edge Cases

Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch talk about software development for iOS and Mac.

Edge Cases feed

The iDeveloper Podcast

Steve Scott with guests cover the news, tools, utilities and issues that relates to Mac and iOS development.

The iDeveloper Podcast feed


Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford and Rene Ritchie invites guests to talk about user interface and user experience. Interesting and you can always learn some good things from the show.

Iterate feed


Saul Mora, he's the Magical Panda, hosts this show where the guests are from the Cocoa developer community. They discuss Cocoa development (iOS & Mac), indie development and related topics.

NSBrief feed

The Prompt

The Prompt is a weekly panel discussion on all things Apple. The hosts are Federico Viticci, Myke Hurley, and Stephen Hackett. The discussion is fun and interesting and you can clearly hear that the hosts enjoy doing this show.

The Prompt feed

The Podcast

The Podcast is a completely new podcast show from the great guys and girls at If you're unfamiliar with that site, you're going to be delighted to find a vast amount of information and tutorials for iOS development. They do a tremendous job with the tutorials and they are very nice to share them for free with all of us.

The Podcast feed

The Record

A show about the background and history of the Cocoa and Mac community. Hosted by Chris Parrish and Brent Simmons.

The Record feed

Software Indie

Follow Steve Scott on his software indie journey. He talks about his projects and the problems and solutions he encounters.

Software Indie feed


A show about iOS development where the host, Ash Furrow, invites interesting guests to discuss great topics.

Springboard feed

The Talk Show with John Gruber

The iconic Talk Show with John Gruber is, as it says on the website, "sort of like the director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball". A mandatory podcast show if you're interested in all things Apple related.

The Talk Show with John Gruber feed

Design podcasts

The Big Web Show

Jeffrey Zeldman, the godfather of web standards, hosts this show where his guests are people that have contributed to move the web forward. Almost always interesting and educating. Highly recommended if you're a web developer.

The Big Web Show feed

The East Wing

It's a weekly show where Tim Smith talks with guests about design and problem solving.

The East Wing feed

The Industry Radio Show

The show from the great people at The Industry. The topics are mostly design and startups and they have great guests.

The Industry Radio Show feed

Let's Make Mistakes

Mike Monteiro and Jessie Char talks about the mistakes designers sometimes make and how to learn something from them. Always interesting, and you can always find something that fits in your professional life.

Let's Make Mistakes feed

Unfinished Business

Andy Clarke, author of Hardboiled Web Design, hosts this show where the focus is on the business end of web, design and creative industries. Interesting guests and a lot of good tips both for freelancers and web developers/designers.

Unfinished Business feed

Upfront Podcast

This is a show, hosted by Jack Franklin and Ben Howdle, that hasn't got a new episode since August 2013, so it's probably dead. But the old episodes are available on the website. The topics are tools, workflow and best practices for front-end developers.

Upfront Podcast feed

The Web Ahead

Jen Simmons with guests talk about the future of the web, HTML5, mobile, design and more in this great show. Interesting guest and you can always get great tips and information that you've probably missed before.

The Web Ahead feed

Humour podcasts

The Bugle

John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman hosts this incredibly funny political satire show. If you're remotely interested in politics and current events, you should definitely listen to this show.

The Bugle feed

Space podcasts

I'm very interested in space, both technology, exploration and sci-fi books/movies. With the rise of private initiatives like Mars One and Inspiration Mars the coming years will be very interesting.

Mars Pirate Radio

Doug Turnbull hosts the Mars Pirate Radio. He's an sci-fi author with great interest in Mars and covers various topics regarding e.g. space exploration and Mars settlement. He had interviews with people from Mars Society, Mars Desert Research Station and sci-fi writers.

Mars Pirate Radio feed

Red Planet Radio

Red Planet Radio is the podcast show of The Mars Society. It's a show "dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the red planet Mars". There hasn't been any new episodes since September, but I hope they will release new ones soon.

Red Planet Radio feed

StarTalk Radio

Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, StarTalk Radio, is probably the best podcast if you're into space. It's very informative and highly entertaining.

StarTalk Radio feed

Honorably mentions of Swedish podcasts

Since most of my visitors are non-Swedish, I will just briefly list the Swedish podcasts that I listen to.

by Stefan Laketa