Thoughts on Apple TV

Today I saw a tweet by Jesper Bylund pointing to a post he wrote about What's keeping the Apple TV. His post is about the user management aspect of the Apple TV and that it needs to be taken care of in a better way than today, so go read it.

In the post he referenced an Apple TV UI Concept by Andrew Ambrosino and after reading that post and looking at the quite nice UI sketches I realized that if Apple goes all-in on the Apple TV I would probably not want a bunch of icons/apps on the main screen.

Imagine the following scenario:
As a Swede, I would want access to the Swedish national broadcaster SVT, Netflix, HBO and hopefully a great option for (live) football, as it's the true name.

If I could set up the needed accounts in e.g., I should only need a few icons on the main screen: TV and Movies. When I'm searching for a tv show, I don't really care who the provider is, so the TV app should show all shows no matter if the source is SVT, Netflix or HBO. The same thing applies to movies.

When I choose the Live section of the TV app, I should see all the current live streams from SVT and the sports channel. Again, I don't want to first go to the SVT app and browse and the go to the Sports app and browse.

So far, I haven't seen an Apple TV concept working like this, and at the moment I don't have the time to make some concept art for this. But I do think that this would work better than having a separate app for every provider. (Yes, somewhere I need to choose which provider/service I want to use/activate and that could be handled in an app store.)

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by Stefan Laketa