Why do some newspaper sites treat their mobile users as crap?

If you visit the mobile version of Sweden's largest newspaper site, http://mobil.aftonbladet.se, you will probably look at something like this:

Their logo is barely visible at the bottom and you probably don't feel that welcome to visit their site. Imagine if the same method was used in their "real" newspaper:

Would you buy a newspaper with a front page looking like this?

Why is a mobile reader treated like this? Is the mobile reader a less significant reader than a "real" one?

Some would argue that the site is free of charge, but the newspaper has a price. That's true, but isn't the purpose of the site to attract, both paper and online, readers? This approach makes an impact on the value of the trademark and people's perception of the newspaper.

After I've been looking on these ads for the last couple of weeks my visit count has dropped considerably and I think that newspaper organizations really need to re-value their mobile readers and not treat them like a second class reader.

by Stefan Laketa